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Getting through Gideon's Gym Empty Getting through Gideon's Gym

Post by reynard on Thu Feb 27, 2014 8:09 pm

Hello everyone. I just registered, and I just found out about/started playing Pokemon Omicron a few days ago. And I decided that one of the first things I wanted to do here was share some information for those playing Omicron, namely how to get around Gideon's gym. I managed to figure it out with some trial and error (and note taking). But it took me a while, and I couldn't find any information on the internet, so I thought I would change that. So if you want to get to him, follow these directions.

1. For starters, if you play the game you will notice that the trees inside the gym basically subdivide the space into blocks. You move around the blocks using white circular platforms that teleport you to other platforms, When you enter the building, you are in a single block with two platforms, one on the left and one on the right. Take the one on the left.

2. This takes you to a block just above the last one. In this block there are four platforms. Two are centered against the top edge of the block, one is in the lower left corner, and one is in the lower right. When you entered you landed on the one on the top left. Go and take the lower right platform.

3. You are in the upper left area of the gym, on a platform that is right next to the block Gideon has to himself, adjacent to the block's upper left corner. There is only one platform in you reach here, one that is one space to the left and then down. Take it.

4. You are now in the upper right area of the gym. There are two platforms in your reach. One is directly south of you, and the other is to the right of that one, up against the right wall of the gym. The one directly south is non-functional (A bug that needs fixing), so take the one against the right wall.

5. This lands you inside the Gym Leader's block in the lower left corner, though not on a platform. If you want to leave the block, take the only platform in the lower right corner. It will take you to the first block with the building entrance, landing you on the right platform.

And that's how to navigate Gideon's gym. I hope you all find that useful.

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