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Grammar Errors Empty Grammar Errors

Post by reynard on Mon Mar 10, 2014 5:44 pm

Just wanted to list a few little grammatical errors I found in the game.

One: The listing for the Superior City Secret Entrance says "Superior Town". This is grammatically incorrect. The name of the place is Superior City. "Superior City" is a proper noun, hence the use of capitals for both words. You don't call New York City "New York Town" after all. I mean you can refer to a city as a "town" in the metaphorical sense, but not as the proper noun that would be on all the signs and maps and such. An NPC on Mt. Press (before the snow area) says the same thing.

Two: In the description before a Ranger mission, the ranger refers to Artemis as "he" instead of "she".

Trainer Bones in the 6th gym refers to a few types, but she says "fighting type" instead of "Fighting type".

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