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Post by reynard on Tue Mar 11, 2014 8:24 am

Here is something I think needs to be improved, explanations. I was just in the Safari Zone to catch Thundurus. I hatched an Eevee in there. Thundurus fled, I exited, and decided to save after leaving. I go back, and no Thundurus. At first I hoped it would be there again, but after looking at Reddit I find it was a one time thing.

And I also found out the quick save function WORKS in the Safari Zone, even though the regular save option wasn't there. I have never used Quick Save, didn't see a need to when I could use the save function in the menu. I had no idea you could save in the Safari Zone that way.

And now I lost it forever, after I have sunk 100+ hours into this game. Had I KNOWN some form on saving in the Safari Zone worked, and this was the only chance, I would have done so. But I did not. These things need to be known to the player, you need to make that known, otherwise you get THIS. And it's not fair that I lost it because I didn't know, when I had no indication that I could do that.

So please, explain how Quick Save works and that it can be used in the Safari Zone or something. Because I can't go back, and now I will never fill out my personal Pokedex.

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