Patch and Mystery Gift questions

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Patch and Mystery Gift questions Empty Patch and Mystery Gift questions

Post by reynard on Fri Mar 14, 2014 12:46 pm

I hope this is the right place to ask. I was installing the newest patch today, 1.3.28, and I copied all the files into their right places. But there were other parts to the directions in the word file that confused me.

It says "you may see two files called "trainer068.png", and to delete one of them. It says that file is of a girl with orange and red clothes. I did that when I installed the other patch when I installed the game. I looked at the files again, and I did see two files, one "trainer068.png" and "trainer068.png.png". Now last time I deleted the second like it said to. But what bothered me is that the images in questions were not of a girl in red and orange. I think they are images of Corlett. So what do I do there?

Also, the directions said to rename "212_1" to "212_1.png". But there is only a "212_1.png" file. I just want to make sure I got every part of the directions correctly.

Also, about the mystery gifts. We can collect any of them at any time, right? Do we need to get them all at once? Also, what is that icon next to the name of the Hawlucha? I didn't know what it was so I restarted the game without saving after I collected it.

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