A few bothersome moves

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A few bothersome moves Empty A few bothersome moves

Post by Dace on Thu Apr 17, 2014 12:07 am

So far I've found 3 moves that behave erratically, would love to see a fix:
- Volt Switch/U-Turn: I have observed in foes that these moves do something crazy - when something comes in after the switch, it is afflicted with leech seed status. I wanted to use this with mega manectric Sad
- Final Gambit: A couple of opposing staraptors used this move, but instead of fainting, they suffered no apparent loss in HP, and dealt only 1 damage. (good thing I didn't use that on my staraptor)
- Me First: Against my (underleveled) honedge, foe lucario's Me First didn't work, even when I was spamming brick break. I would assume that it's due to the "normal move vs. ghost target" immunity being applied to a status move.

My first time here, hope I helped in scouting out the bugs!

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