No Music, not a mac problem!

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No Music, not a mac problem! Empty No Music, not a mac problem!

Post by EtrnlAlchmst on Tue Jul 22, 2014 6:22 pm

Ok, so im going to assume nobody will freak out at me for posting this topic. OK, so i downloaded Zeta and played it until about the fifth gym. Then I saw the x and y sprites pack, as well as Melly's UI overhaul. I decided to install them and they both work perfectly. However, when i load my save file (in game) there is no music. I can hear sound, the menu opening/closing, the little *ting* sound effect when you press a button, but no music. If anyone else has this problem please leave your two-sense here as well. I thank anyone for any and all support on my issue.
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