(WANTED) Zeta exclusive pokemon

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(WANTED) Zeta exclusive pokemon Empty (WANTED) Zeta exclusive pokemon

Post by Austin11793 on Fri Sep 12, 2014 6:07 am

I'm filling my pokedex so i've hatched quite a few pokes. I'm offering these following:

Absol, Doduo, Ponyta, Skorupi, Skrelp, Trubbish, Gulpin, Grimmer, Koffing, Duskull, Litwick, Azurill, Nincada, Staryu, Ducklett, Sneasel, Sentret, Cubchoo, Numel, Cacnea, Eevee, Buneary, Inkay, Teddiursa, Yanma, Palpitoad, Frogadier, Marshtomp, Chingling, Pansage, Poochyena, Spinarak, Smoochum, Seel, Skitty, Honedge (x8)

to trade with any zeta exclusive pokemon

I'm happy to hatch some starters and pseudo legendary pokes for a trade if needed.

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(WANTED) Zeta exclusive pokemon Empty Re: (WANTED) Zeta exclusive pokemon

Post by Shax on Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:45 pm

I'm on a zeta playthrough, just beat the eighth gym, I can get you almost anything you want, if I don't have it already I can catch it, just post the location. I really want Skrelp, Frogadier, Marshstomp, and Honedge. Shoot me a message back! Very Happy My ign trade name is Shax24. I can get on later this week, Wednesday or Thursday, if I don't hear from you by then, we can work out a day.
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