Double battle help please?

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Double battle help please?  Empty Double battle help please?

Post by kvothethemad on Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:21 am

Perhaps this belongs in the bugs section but I figure I would post it here first. Please forgive me as this is my first post and I'm slightly frustrated. Here's the thing: I have just initiated the double battle on accident (in front of the Daycare) when I only had two remaining pokemon left in my party (Petilil and Paras). Well Azoria the Petilil was KO'd by two fire attacks leaving just paras alone. However, my other four mons where no longer in commission. As such, the game has me stuck on the choose a pokemon screen, with all 5 red with my Paras on the top left.

The game will not let me click cancel nor will it allow me to exit the screen at all, save for clicking on Paras and checking out his summary screen. I can't continue the battle. Help? Thoughts? It's been just after the first badge that I saved and I don't want to have to waste progress. Thank you for the time reading this and thanks in advance for any help that can be given. I will be checking back here in around 8 hours.

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