Avalugg gyro ball doesn't work bug

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Avalugg gyro ball doesn't work bug Empty Avalugg gyro ball doesn't work bug

Post by Fresh Mex on Mon Mar 30, 2015 9:06 pm

-Version: Zeta
-Patch: 1.4.0
-Location: Everywhere

I caught an Avalugg for my main Aroma party, and I taught it Gyro Ball (since Gyro Ball is one of the best moves you can have on an Avalugg) only to find that it simply displayed the text for it, did nothing, and then briefly displayed the text again on the next turn before the next action is taken. Electro Ball works just fine, with it using similar mechanics to this, and Gyro ball works when used by any other pokemon I fight, but Avalugg is glitched. I'm pretty sure the diagnosis for this would be something along the lines of "this is one of the last pokemon coded into the game, and it is incomplete as of right now." This isn't game breaking, since I can just use Flash Cannon instead, but I'd like to see this fixed in the next patch. This will happen anywhere, so it's not just Mt. Epsilon, and it doesn't work regardless of which pokemon it is used on.

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