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Post by KROMExRainbow on Thu Sep 19, 2013 8:47 pm

The reason for rules being in place is to ensure that the Pokemon Zeta and Omicron forums remain a peaceful, nice place to be. These rules aim to protect members and staff and provide them with an enjoyable, safe experience.

Breaking of these rules will result in a punishment (the severity of the punishment depends on the rule that is broken) which you can see next to the name of the rule below.

If you see somebody breaking the rules, the staff would greatly appreciate if you used the available report button to report it to the staff.

Rules: (More in-depth description below)
SPAM is Not Allowed
Respect Everybody
No Trolling
No Pornographic Content
No Double (or more) Posting
Np Gravedigging
No Advertising
No Selling or Buying of Goods
No Illegal Content

Rule Descriptions
SPAM [1 Warning | 1 Month Ban]
Don’t post Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages - make sure that your posts are relevant to the thread/board you're posting in! Failure to comply with this rule will result in your message being removed.

Respect [1 Warning | 1 Month Ban]
These forums are open to anyone. Do not threaten, harass or insult your fellow members. Do not personally attack or gather a group to personally attack another member. Please respect the religious/racial beliefs of the other members on the forum. If you're caught as the victim in an attack on your respect, it is not permitted to retaliate with the same behaviour. Please report the member/post using the report button!

Trolling [2 Warning | 1 Month Ban]
Inflammatory or irrelevant messages with the sole intent of provoking other users or inciting controversy is considered "trolling". At the discretion of the staff, any posts we believe are attempts of trolling will be removed, and continued offenses will result in any involved members being punished.

Pornographic Content [Permanent Ban]
In no section of the community can an image or link to a pornography site be submitted. Deliberately posting inappropriate content will lead to an immediate, permanent ban, regardless of a member's status or position.

Consecutive Posting [3 Warnings | 2 Week Ban]
Please try to avoid making more than one post in a row. Edit posts if you need to add more content to them.

GraveDigging [2 Warnings | 2 Week Ban]
A thread that has not been posted in for more than 2 months (generally around 60 days) is considered “old”. Please do not revive old threads. If there's a topic you're interested in but the thread is too old to be posted in, create a new thread. Sticky threads are exempt from this rule.

Advertising [1 Warning | 1 Month Ban | Permanent Ban (If Repeated)]
Advertising web sites or forums is not permitted. If you’d like to link to a website or forum post, then it must be relevant to the discussion. The only acceptable advertising may be done in your signature. It is left to the discretion of the staff to decide whether a link to a website or forum may be considered advertising. Unacceptable forms of linking may be edited without question.

Buying/Selling Goods
Monetary transactions, whether personal or commercial, are not allowed in any of our public forums. Transactions include, but are not limited to, selling cards, selling Pokémon over Wi-Fi, or selling goods, Any requests, buying or selling threads, or links to sites involving such transactions will be removed. We cannot provide protections for any transactions made on the community, whether public (in cases where the offending posts have not been removed) or private (via private messages or external services).

Illegal Content
The community does not allow discussion of illegal materials - this includes the unauthorized distribution of TV shows, movies, video games, music, or software. You may not discuss how to obtain these materials, upload them to the forums, or link to other web sites containing these materials.

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Post by kun on Sat Jul 04, 2015 12:39 am

i have read all the rules and i will not break them

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