Newcomer Ghost has challenged you to a battle!

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Newcomer Ghost has challenged you to a battle! Empty Newcomer Ghost has challenged you to a battle!

Post by Dragoons55 on Tue Dec 31, 2013 4:11 pm

Hiya everyone! Hope that you all will have a Happy New Year!

My name is typically "Dragoons55" - [Current name In-game for Online] or "Ghost" as most of my friends call me, but those who want to know an actual name, I'm Aaron! You'll see why its somewhat humorous later, by humorous, its not, but silly!

Ill tell some of you about me, may be interesting but lets get started.

Favorite Pokemon: Aggron [Being a highly defensive wall + a great Attack amount, loving balance being why i chose this one.]
Favorite Starter: Totodile [Had a little stuffed Aligator when i was very young, finding him caused instant adoring.]
Favorite Type: Fire [No real backstory, Red being a favorite color.]
Favorite Region: Kanto [Simply starting in Gen 3 on FireRed - Never could afford a Gameboy till then.]

What Pokemon Games do I have:
FireRed [Lost in my Room],
LeafGreen [Lent to a friend], Sapphire [Recent Purchased from a GameCraze while Christmas Shopping,
Soul Silver, purchased at Gamestop for ~$55 without really thinking of where else to purchase,
White 2, I decided to buy since I havent played since Gen 3, went to GameCraze and asked for any new Pokemon games, they told me about Black and White + 2, so I told them I wanted White 2 (Also purchased my new 3ds that needed to be repaired to use the SD card -.- cost me an additional $118 from Nintendo, under warrenty i might add)
Pokemon Y, Just came out and I purchased it 2 days after Release and been waiting on Pokemon Bank.

Pokemon Games Stolen/Given Away:
Ruby [6th Grade in school, someone took out of my bag and bailed with it, never did see who took it sadly.]
Platinum, Having just purchased Soul Silver, White 2 and Platinum from a good Pay Check from Dairy Queen before I left (Becoming winter where its slow), I gave my Platinum version to a close friend because i told him he should play Pokemon again.

Now, for the silly thing about my name: Aron being a Pokemon card I had when I was a kid, seeing what his fully evolved form being Aggron I always said, "Well, this is what ill look like if I was a pokemon!"

Current Occupation:
Employed and being "Schooled" by a company called PCMI starting January 6th (CNC Machining). Pokemon Trainer: Pokemon Y, Pokemon White 2, Pokemon Zeta

Former Occupations:
Walmart Employee (Electronics) - Thanksgiving 2013 to Christmas 2013.
Dairy Queen (Grill Crew - Shift Leader) - From July - Thanksgiving 2013.
McDonald's (Cook/Food Assembly) April 2011 - October 2012.

So, thats really about it for my Introduction, dunno all else to say "Hello" about, but ask me anything!

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Newcomer Ghost has challenged you to a battle! Empty Re: Newcomer Ghost has challenged you to a battle!

Post by qwertylp on Wed Jan 01, 2014 12:33 pm

Too much info i think xD
hello and welcome Ghost  Very Happy 

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