A wild Littica has appeard!

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A wild Littica has appeard! Empty A wild Littica has appeard!

Post by Littica on Sat Feb 15, 2014 3:47 am

Hey guys thought I should introduce myself, I am Littica hi.... that is all Cool 

Jokes aside I only found out about the game a few days ago so I was rather exited to give it a try, untill I foundout it was build on RPG Maker, nothing bad with that just my PC doesnt like games made with that, the gameplay tends to stutter almost constantly.

No idea why but my PC is odd that way, it really needs some upgrading, while a bit annoying I will still be struggling through it lol just no Let's Play any time soon lol

Huh it seems 1.3.21 fixed that, so im happily catching everything in site hehe

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