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Olympian. Empty Olympian.

Post by w33b33 on Fri Mar 21, 2014 5:26 am

Hello. This is more of a spelling issue than a bug, but in Pokemon Zeta, V 1.3.28, I was in the Pokehidron Collider during the confrontation with Thor. When he and the Elite Four member were talking, the elite four guy called him an "Olympian."

I'm guessing that for some text strings, you did a find and replace for team Asgard/Olympus, and didn't think to include that word as it's rather obscure. I think the correct replacement would be Asgardian, but am not sure.

Sorry I don't have any screenshots, I thought the thing was miner at the time and still sorta do, it's just niggling at the back of my mind so I figured I'd let you know. Great game, I hope to see more soon.

Would also suggest maybe a pinned 'Typos/Grammar' thread, so that we can toss in little errors like this and sort of do a mass editing for you. It would also let you nail down a preferred format for reporting them.

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